Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Leggings ARE pants

I'm so tired of the bullshit coming out of the pantriarchy shaming women for wearing leggings at all or "improperly". Leggings count as pants for all practical purposes, and I don't care if they're immodest, see-through, revealing or whatever. STFU.

In this post by Tammy Swift:

"Please, people. Just put on some pants already.
Remember zippers? Remember construction? Remember natural fabrics that wouldn't stretch to accommodate a manatee?"
Yes, remember those things that HURT? That make pants not FIT? Remember the way that rigid pants contribute to fat-shaming?

Enough already with the leggings. Enough with the boots. This trend has been in for at least five years and has become as omnipresent in American fashion as the counterfeit designer purse."
OMG, FIVE YEARS? But you want people to switch to 100+ year old jeans and pants???

Believe me, I do understand the appeal of leggings. They're extremely comfortable — sort of like wearing PJs to the office. They don't wrinkle. They go with many items of clothing, such as big, blocky sweaters or that drirt (shirt-dress hybrid). They can help you transition seamlessly from fall wardrobe to winterwear."
Sounds AMAZING!!! No downsides!

But there is a whole population of us who cannot pull off leggings. (No, really. We literally cannot pull them off.) We may belong in that segment of people who have been labeled "pear shaped." The baggy sweaters that jibe so perfectly with leggings simply cover our small waists. The spectre of tight, multicolored leggings makes us look like equestrian oompa-loompas."

I am the goddamn platonic ideal of pear-shaped, and leggings look great on me! Not to mention, what are the alternatives? Pear-shaped people sure can't wear rigid pants! And if you need to bring out your waist (more likely your ribcage if you're pear-shaped), wear a belt with a tunic. Leggings offer more to pear-shaped women than any other women!

As we also tend to have larger calves, boots don't work for us. Like disgraced Clydesdales, we are banished to the "wide shank" section of the boot store."
YES, I feel your pain, but wide-calf boots are more available now than at any other time. This has nothing to do with leggings.

Another challenge for the human pear is the Tragedy of the Fallen Crotch. For some reason, our bodies simply aren't engineered to hold up a pair of leggings. Our waists are too small; our trunks too junky. Before we know it, the waist of the leggings will have migrated to mid-thigh and the crotch will sag to the knees. This look immediately transforms the wearer into a comical, long underwear-clad figure in a hillbilly spoof."
WHAT? I have never seen this. WTF kind of leggings are you wearing?
This woman doesn't know shit. 

In this post by Heather Riggleman:

"Comfortable as they may be, think of leggings more as a warmer alternative to tights than a stretchy alternative to work pants. Unless you’re headed out for a run, tight spandex pants should never be worn with a cropped sweater, T-shirt, or any other top that doesn’t cover your glutes."
Don't care. I'll show my ass if I want to.

1. Your no-no zone, which is about from your belly to about 3 inches below your glutes, should not be seen in close form ever, at least in public. This means I should not know the contour and shape of your thighs, glutes and hips in one glance. I have yet to see a no-no zone that’s cute except for toddlers in cloth diapers.
Your no-no zone should be covered by a long shirt, dress or tunic when worn with leggings. Yoga pants are not to be worn in public either — except at the gym, but even then: Leggings are not pants."
Are you FIVE YEARS OLD? A no-no zone? And what does she think regular pants do? Has she never seen tight jeans?

"3. If I can see the pattern of your underwear, you have mistaken leggings as pants. Go home and change into a pair of jeans, please. Leggings are not pants."

I will absolutely never wear jeans. STFU. Don't care. Maybe my panties are pretty.

"listen girls. Little T-shirts, yoga pants or leggings with fuzzy boots is NOT, I repeat, not an outfit. Please go home and search Pinterest for more figure-flattering ideas. "

It is very much an outfit. Don't care what may be flattering to you.

 "6. If I’m taking my 9-year-old son to the store, and he runs into an aisle and explains he saw your “bouncy bootie,” we have a problem. For the safety of my child, review the ways leggings are to be worn. I have already been teaching my son’s eyes how to “pingpong off the thong.” Once again: Leggings are not pants."

HERE we have it!!! It's modesty culture. You don't teach your son to not look at butts in that way unless you have fucked up ideas about lust.

Leggings are pants. Yoga pants are pants. Soft pants are pants. Down with Pantriarchy!!!


  1. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothing. Just because some woman doesn't want to wear them, she wants to tell everyone else not to? Choice, people. It's all about choice. You choose for you and I'll choose for me.

  2. Ha! 'Down with Pantriarchy' - I like it. :)

  3. Excuse me for being late to the party....

    There is only basis for discussing the appropriateness of leggings:

    1) If the leggings are translucent or transparent (they are see-through), then they are undergarments and should not be worn alone in public.

    2) If the leggings are opaque (they are NOT see-through), then they are pants, and anyone who doesn’t like it or agree needs to shut up, stop looking and mind their own bleeping business.

    The problem is caused by those who look at something they claim they don’t want to see, who claim their own actions are the fault of other people. It is not caused by those who wear leggings.

    One would think this discussion would be over by now, but we're not dealing with rational people.