Monday, November 2, 2015

Skirts Above the Knees and Other Wickedness

Courtesy of FSTDT, comes this little gem:

"One of the most evil sins in America is the use of sexual suggestiveness in advertising. What prompted me to write this article was doing some research on the evils of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). I noticed that the female CCM group “Point Of Grace,” on their album cover titled “A Thousand Little Things,” are pictured suggestively. For obvious reasons I can't show you the album cover, because it's inappropriate. They're all wearing skirts above the knees. This is wickedness."

So Christian music isn't Christian enough for him because they wear skirts above the knees? THE HORROR!!!!!

"Although modest by today's immodest standards, it is immoral by God's standards. The woman in the middle is sitting suggestively, subtly invitingly. The album cover is sexually suggestive, period. They know exactly what they are doing. All men who are normal and healthy have to battle continually against sexually impure thoughts. An honest homosexual told me that all men are sex pigs. Every man is either carnally minded and doesn't care, or he's a Christian who's trying to please God by bringing every thought into captivity unto obedience to Christ (2nd Corinthians 10:5). "

I like how he knows God's standards and contrasts that with a cultural standard. I also like how he seems to know what's in these women's heads. And why the nod to the gay guy in there, as if he is an authority on straight male sexuality?

Immodesty is a dangerous sin. Many men who have denied this truth have lived to reap what they have sown, proving my point. It's not uncommon to hear a pastor berating a relative or church member for committing sexual sins, and then one day they are guilty them self, on the other side of the fence now bearing the reproach of their sins. If that's you, know that the blood of Jesus cleanses all sins away. You'll never understand the grace of God until you mess up and people point their hypocritical finger in condemnation against you. Then the blood of Jesus will become sweeter than you have ever known. "
Yes, it is interesting how people rail against sex and then are exposed as committing it...very interesting indeed, author...

 "But my teaching still stands, that is, women ought to cover their bodies thoroughly, dressing modestly and behaving ladylike. Modern female singers have impudent (a look of casual disrespect) faces, and they speak with authority like men, and they wear blue-jeans or miniskirts, shaming themselves and dishonoring the Lord they claim to serve. Immodesty is destroying our nation. Shame on any co-called Christian woman who wears her skirt above her knee, exposing her thighs for men to lust upon. Showing any part of the thighs invites a man's mind to think about her female reproductive organ. Why is that so hard to figure out? God judge this wicked generation!"
I like having an impudent look. I'm too busy to fully disrespect you, so I'll just do it casually.
And speaking with authority like a man, the HORROR!!! Because women can't possibly know anything.

Thighs make dudes think of a female reproductive organ? Like an ovary? Fallopian tubes? Uterus? Which one?

By the way, this is the horribly immodest album cover:

Bask in its immodesty!


  1. Oh, my gosh. Too much to comment on here other than to just say, only one more example of a pervert projecting his thoughts onto the rest of society. Because he is aroused, other men are too? Idjit! Also, "honest homosexual"??? really? Men reap what they sew because they think they can do as they please sans consequences. Also, I'm wearing blue jeans as I type this. The horror!

  2. Why does he believe men are cursed with constant lust but not the same of women? Why doesn't he talk about men dressing "modestly"? Why would god make people constantly have to fight against lust!?

    And when he said the person in the middle was sitting in an inviting way, I assumed her legs would be open. They're as closed as possible! Wtf!

  3. HAHAHA @ the album cover. That is not what I expected...which makes the reading even funnier. I can see knees. Not even the rest of the leg below the knww. And they are plenty covered up...not even a collarbone or a shoulder to be seen. Are those meant to be "impudent" expressions?
    No woman (or man for that matter) has any reasonable defense against a deluded person's imagination.