Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Tragedy of NFP

In case you didn't know, Actual Catholic Doctrine is that no contraception can be used by anyone at any time. Even if you will die from another pregnancy, the only measures you can take are complete abstinence or scheduling sex around your cycle using Natural Family Planning (this is not the same as the rhythm method, which I will expand on at some later time). Obviously, many people fail at NFP, since it has to block off large portions of your cycle to be effective.

In trolling around on the internet, I came across this heartbreaking comment in a Catholic forum.

"I've had 3 kids in the 4 years I've been married. I've never been able to relax and enjoy anything in my marriage. Not once. 
It's too much. I could get pregnant at anytime..except when I'm already pregnant.
I stopped being able to have sex whenever the day I got married.
I'm literally in am impossible situation. Completely impossible.
It's awful. I hate it. I love my husband very much...but not enough to open myself up to another pregnancy.
I hate being pregnant more then anything. The constant physical pain and feeling sick followed by months and months of psychological issues is too much.
Sex leads to pregnancy. Since I'm completely terrified of pregnancy...I'm all set with it.
Maybe Marquette will work. Maybe it will give me a clearer picture and allow me more then 4 or 5 green light days a month.
I don't know. Right now I'm way too terrified to find out."
What does the Catholic Church have to say to this woman? SUFFER. That's basically all it can say. Don't have sex with your husband, unless you're willing to have more and more babies. A piece of latex, a little pill or implant could have given her these 4 years to grow and learn with her husband, they could have planned 1 or 2 babies in these years. But no, because of "natural law" this woman has to suffer this. The reference to Marquette in her comment is a type of NFP using an actual hormone monitor, which has proven worthwhile in more difficult cases, but still, why? We have safe and effective 99.99% contraception she can use.

God is a lie. The naturalistic fallacy the church teaches about contraception is a lie. She and others like her suffer and even die for a lie. It's a tragedy.


  1. You have probably seen this by now but just in case->

  2. This is why I hate the Catholic church.

    Not Catholics, they're suffering because they've been told a lie. They're victims (even when they are also perpetrators.) But the Catholic church is a (very nearly literal) bag of dicks.

  3. Something tells me this husband may be abusing her sexually and forcing her to have babies.

    This sounds like sexual abuse.