Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yoga pants are not a reward

After a good article on yoga pants at work, some snooty person wrote in to say this:

"AS A 21-year-old about to take off into the workforce, I have to disagree that yoga pants should be considered business casual (Good Life, Oct. 31). Yes, they have become a leisure staple in just about every woman’s wardrobe, but I do believe that they should be left out of the workplace.
As years go by, our society has lost the art of dressing up. We have become so dependent on leisure wear that even the most fashionable outfits include yoga pants. I cannot say I do not wear yoga pants, since I am still in college, but I would not wear them to work with a formal top and a blazer."
Yes, I am DEPENDENT on clothes to actually fit me, which means soft pants. That's so arbitrary that soft pants aren't professional, but ill-fitting hard ones are?

There should be a line between business and casual wear. Yoga pants should be a reward after work, not a uniform."

No, FIT and COMFORT are basic, not a reward.

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