Friday, October 16, 2015

Al Mohler Says Shun the Gays!

The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest protestant denomination in the U.S. It is an intensely conservative denomination on sexual and social issues, although that wasn't always the case.

"When Roe was first decided, most of the Southern evangelicals who today make up the backbone of the anti-abortion movement believed that abortion was a deeply personal issue in which government shouldn’t play a role. Some were hesitant to take a position on abortion because they saw it as a “Catholic issue,” and worried about the influence of Catholic teachings on American religious observance."

One of the major leaders pulling it to the right is Albert Mohler. He has even fewer qualms about being in bed with Catholics, as he thinks women should not take the contraceptive pill or have IUDs because they are "Abortifacients". He does allow barrier methods though. (more on this article in a later post).

Now as Charisma News reports, he's come out in favor of Christians shunning gay weddings.

"Christians should not attend a same-sex wedding — even of their own child — because it signals "moral approval" of the union, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary said in a new book."

Does attending a wedding imply moral approval? What if it just implies you're not a giant douche?

"Boycotting weddings of gay friends and loved ones will be excruciatingly difficult, the Rev. Albert Mohler wrote "
Oh yeah, much difficult. Many feelz for the fundies. My sympathy will be with the shunned brides or grooms.

 "At some point, attendance will involve congratulating the couple for their union," he wrote. "If you can't congratulate the couple, how can you attend?"

Well, that is a point. If you're going to making a scene out of not congratulating the couple, definitely don't go.

"Even if scientists prove people are born gay, the "sinfulness of homosexuality" would not be eliminated because human sin taints the world, Mohler said"
THIS is one of the major problems with the "born this way" narrative! Christians believe we're born with sinful natures. Your homosexual feelings are just how your own personal sin nature manifests and it will be your thorn in your side to deal with.

He contended that transgender people who are "saved" should consult with their pastors about whether to have surgery to return to their original gender."

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Blood on your hands, Mohler, for telling one of the most vilified minorities to reverse their treatment.

"Mohler, a prolific blogger, speaker and podcaster, is no stranger to controversy. In the past he has said that delaying marriage and limiting family size are both sins, that the Roman Catholic Church teaches a "false gospel," that the pope holds an "unbiblical office," and that Christians who practice yoga "either deny the reality of what yoga represents or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace" of it."

WOW. We'll probably eventually talk about his ideas on contraception. For all his moaning about Catholics, he sure buddies up to them when it's useful for him. As for the yoga thing, that's just weird.

"Whether to attend or avoid same-sex marriages has been a hot topic in conservative Christian circles. While many evangelical leaders have sided with Mohler, others have urged Christians to go.
"I have to extrapolate that Jesus would be all for attending a same-sex marriage ceremony," based on Jesus' example of dining with prostitutes and drunkards, Stephen Arterburn, a best-selling Christian author who is president of New Life Ministries and host of the radio and television show "New Life Live," said in a recent column."

Watching Christians disagree on these things and try to use scripture is always a hoot. Notice that his opinion is still hateful bullshit, though, I don't think many couples would like to be lumped in with "prostitutes and drunkards." I think the decision of whether or not to go will be revoked from you if you give this rationalization to the brides' or grooms' faces.

"In one chapter, Mohler asks and answers what he calls hard questions about gay sexuality, such as whether it is OK for Christian parents to let their kids play at the home of children with gay parents. He says it is, as long as the parents instruct their child first on "scriptural authority and sexuality."
"We should make every effort to develop real and authentic friendships with our LGBT neighbors," he wrote."

NO. We can't have a real and authentic friendship if you're going to shun my wedding or tell your kids that I'm sinful. You can't have authentic friendship with someone who thinks you're going to hell and needs to save you. You can't have authentic friendship with someone who thinks you're fundamentally flawed. You can't have authentic friendship with someone who works to take away your rights.


  1. I attended the christian funeral of my grandpa. I doubt that made anyone think I'd suddenly become a christian.

    A friend of mine who is a christian has said that he refuses to do yoga because it's actually a religious thing that's worshipping some god or something. The fact that I'm an atheist doing purely exercise yoga hasn't seemed to affect his ridiculous opinion at all. Maybe he thinks I'm "actually" worshipping some god without realizing it. But then this same person regularly praises the sun and says he wishes he could be a jedi. So idek.