Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nonreligious "reasons" to be anti-choice

As the Nones rise, anti-choicers are changing strategies to try to include them. Besides Secular Anti-choice, even places like Lie Action News are getting on the bandwagon:

1. Science
To debate “personhood” is a spiritual, moral, or philosophical argument. There’s no data to define personhood. If the preborn can be denied personhood, what’s to stop personhood from being removed from other groups of people?"

This is why I NEVER use personhood arguments. Personhood is vaguely defined, highly philosophical, highly technical on brain development, and most everyone is not qualified to discuss it.

 "While “personhood” is an abstract argument, “life” is not. Undisputed science, from a host of sources, states that life begins at conception."

This point goes on to tell a bunch of facts about fetal development.  The thing is that just because something is alive doesn't mean much in the way of whether it's ok to kill it or not save it.

2. Pro-life Laws Improve Women’s Health

"If the fear is that abortion’s illegality would make the procedure more dangerous, then why object to laws that hold abortion clinics to higher standards and consequently protect women’s health?"
Because TRAP laws don't have anything to do with health.

"A Stanford University study shows lower rates of abortion complications for American states with those same types of laws."
I went and perused the study, and the association is small and doesn't take into account TRAVEL for abortions, especially 2nd-trimester ones, so it's worthless.

 3. The Constitution
Scott v. Sanford, Plessy v. Ferguson, Pace v. Alabama. The Supreme Court has gotten it wrong before.
“Abortion” is not mentioned in the Constitution. The procedure was legalized by determining that it fell under an implied right to privacy found within the Fourteenth Amendment. “Privacy” is not mentioned in the Constitution either.
The constitution can be wrong and women's equality should be in our laws, so I don't really care what you want to say about Roe.

 4. Slippery Slope
"If personhood can be removed from preborn lives, what’s to stop us from removing it from others?  We live in a world where “post-birth abortion”, the murder of newborns, is gaining popularity."
The slippery slope is a named fallacy...It's not always fallacious, but I would reconsider my titles here. This is one of the reasons why bodily autonomy is a better argument. It's very clear-cut about how we don't have to allow others to use our bodies. That doesn't lead to willy-nilly killing people.

So the reasons here are flimsy and have little to do with making abortion illegal.

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