Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pure Naturalistic Fallacy

In case you can't see the screen shot, one Keith Wiggenton says this:

" Look, I did not make the rules. Nature and evolution made the rules. Like it or not, females have the organs for producing children, it's just a fact of life. Your stupid arguments that try to evade or avoid that fact are just silly. If you don't want to be burdened with that responsibility, go have your reproduction organs surgically removed. Until then, quit trying to play different cards than the ones you were delt by nature."

That is about the purest distillation of the naturalistic fallacy I've ever seen.

We DO NOT have to follow nature's "rules" that's kind of what technology is all about.

As for the solution that women have their organs "removed", most young women have a very hard time getting sterilized.  And the expectation that we ought to be willing to use our organs anytime if we ever want to use them at all, is a facet of rape culture.

The fact that women get pregnant is natural, the fact that you want to prevent them from stopping or interrupting it is a CHOICE you make to enforce nature upon them.