Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Common Ground

Secular Anti-Choice is calling for "common ground" on abortion.

I don't accept that there's any such thing. Bodily autonomy is pretty clear. But if you're against abortion and want to hand out out birth control like candy, that's cool, but I still don't want you to control my body if those fail. (And Secular Anti-choice has no firm position on hormonal contraception).

Here are some of the common ground quotes from their facebook discussion question:

"Carmen J. - It's not really choice if there are no other choices. I would hope that all pro-choicers agree that coerced abortion should never, ever happen. Along those lines, many but not all pro-lifers would agree with many (most? but still probably not all) pro-choicers that changes need to be made to the fabric of our culture such that no woman feels pressured by circumstances to abort. Every mother who wants to keep her baby should be able to; no mother should feel she has no other option but to terminate the pregnancy for reasons having to do with money, maternity leave, flexibility of work schedules/circumstances, and/or quality childcare."

Ok, I give them some points for economic reform. But, you can make having a kid a lot easier economically, that still doesn't mean everyone will want to do it physically and emotionally. It's still too much to ask.

Nadja W. - Polls suggest a large majority of Americans support banning abortion in the third trimester, so I'd start there."
There is no goddamn evidence of elective third-trimester abortion. Strawman.

Brock H. - Compassion is the common ground. I think that generally speaking, pro-choicers and pro-lifers have compassion for mothers in difficult situations. Also (while they may not admit it often), pro-choice people tend to see that there is something precious and valuable within the womb or else they wouldn't talk about what a hard decision abortion is for an expecting mother (why would it be a hard decision if they weren't letting go of something worth holding on to?). The only real difference is that pro-life people see a child in the womb as a life deserving of protection."

So anti-choicers have compassion for the pregnant person, but just not enough not to FORCE them to be pregnant?

 "Bob M. - I think most people agree that it is wrong to kill a person. They disagree on when the person begins."
Actually, it's not always wrong to kill a person, you can kill in self-defense.

"Autumn A. - I agree with many pro choicers/liberals on a lot of things... Like marijuana policy, gay marriage, etc etc. Just not abortion."
So you like weed and gay people, but you're willing to throw half the human race under the bus. So liberal, much wow.

Crystal K. - We both really like chocolate? In all seriousness, we *should* both be against forced abortions (like in China) or supporting the mother if she changes her mind (like with Abortion Pill Reversal), if the pro-choicer is truly pro-CHOICE."

I'm against forced abortions. Abortion pill reversal is not a thing, there's no evidence for it.

Lauren M. - My pro-choice friend is a fellow disability rights activist and feminist and she was appalled when I told her how many nations legalized sex-selective abortion and abortion based on a child's disability."
If abortion is legal, the reason doesn't matter to the law. You have to fight these things with education.

Kate H. - Caring about post abortive women, and women in general. "
If you take away my rights, you don't care for me.


  1. It is beyond infuriating that I have to explain to folks that they shouldn't get to just decide when a women shouldn't get to decide for herself bc abortion makes THEM uncomfortable. It's fairly simple. Whatever the damn reason, if a women wants an abortion (especially since almost all are done in 1st trimester anyway), her reasons should only matter to her (and maybe her partner). Period. That's bodily autonomy. If I don't want to do the pregnancy thing again, you can't make me. If you discount my wishes on what happens to my body just because my body happens to have the general capability of growing a new human from scratch, I will not tolerate your opinion(s). Telling me that, despite doing what I need to in order to prevent future pregnancies, it's not actually up to me......that's just insulting.

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  3. Saw this posted in The League of Extraordinary Feminists. Couldn't agree more. I'm amazed that the conversation has turned to "forced abortions." Complete straw man. There is absolutely zero evidence that forced abortions happen in the U.S. In fact, we know that 95+% of women do not regret their decision to terminate a pregnancy.

    If women were forced to get abortions, as a feminist I would totally be up in arms about that. But they're not. Pro-choice is about having a choice and being supported with whichever choice you make.