Monday, October 19, 2015

On The Pantriarchy and Yoga Pants

Pantriarchy: The social construct that states or implies that pants with a rigid waistband are morally, socially, professionally, and fashionably better than pants with a soft, comfortable waistband.

When stated like that, it sounds obviously fucking ridiculous. But it is the default in our society.

Why? Why is discomfort commendable? Why is "effort" commendable? Why is something that is ill-fitting to curvy bodies commendable?

Why is this writer obsessed with "real pants?"

"Another excuse for wearing yoga pants is self-proclaimed laziness. In reality, it takes the same amount of energy to put on jeans and a top and you look infinitely better and you feel better too, because nobody feels pretty in yoga pants. If you look good, then you feel good, and if you feel good, you perform well, and if you perform well, you succeed.
Don’t let yoga pants get in the way of your success."

It takes the same amount of effort? Tell that to people WHO LITERALLY CAN'T FIND PANTS THAT FIT!  Also, I do feel good in yoga pants.

Or this writer:

"The women here dress like shit. I'm all for women working out and staying fit but when they're finished exercising, why can't they shower and change into something dressier, like jeans?"

"But I do care, and here's why. When I go out in public, I make an effort. I see it as a sign of respect to myself, to the people whose businesses I patronize and upon whose company I choose to inflict my charming self....Yoga pants or any piece of overly-casual wear, is a metaphor. It says, "MY personal comfort trumps any regard I have for anyone else."

The idea that it shows respect for people when you outfit your body in uncomfortable clothes that bind your belly is the MOST ABSURD thing I've ever heard in my life!

Or Tim Fucking Gunn:

"Comfort isn't an valid excuse, either, says Gunn. There are plenty of clothes you could wear that are cozy— say, a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, which has the stretch but remains sleek and chic."

Yes, let me put on my Dianne von Furstenburg wrap dress to go to the Walmart!

"That's the thing about overly casual dressing," says Gunn. "It says: 'I don't give a rat's ass about anything.'"

And none of this even touches on the banning of yoga pants and leggings in schools, which is utterly discriminatory and sexist.



  1. I have grown up around and tended to congregate with women who couldn't care less about anybody's opinions but their own. Feeling free to offer an opinion as what type of pants they should be wearing wouldn't even occur to me, I guess I was just raised different.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Pants are inherently a male garment since it's much easier to fit most men. Women's bodies are all so different, it's a miracle to find a pair that fits right off the rack. Then fashion trends change and it doesn't matter any more.
    It says more about the person complaining about the yoga pants than it does about the wearer. What sound-minded man complains about women wearing yoga-pants?

  3. A search for "Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress" yields the cheapest option at a size 4 and $90. So yeah, what?

  4. I like how I look in my yoga pants as much as any other pants, and they're comfortable. They're stretchy and they cover my legs. Mission accomplished.

  5. I just wrote about rape culture and leggings after having an unexpected conversation with my mom. I agree, fuck the patriarchy, wear what you feel comfortable in, my wardrobe isn't up for public debate.

    1. I realize I wrote fuck the patriarchy when I meant to say fuck the pantriarchy (force of habit I guess). But seriously fuck them both.

  6. We need to bring suspenders back. Right now they're stuck in costume and lingerie departments.