Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Anti-Choice Quotes: When Pregnancy is Dangerous, and When It's Not

Anti-choicers famously refuse to think of pregnancy as a serious condition, due to it being "natural." They frequently minimize the permanent effects and risk of death and praise modern medicine's ability to get so many women safely through the process.

Interestingly, however, Lienews is glad to leverage a pregnant woman's death for their own purposes, since she was a surrogate.

"An American woman has died while acting as a surrogate for a Spanish couple, as did the unborn twins she was carrying. This is the first known American women to die from a surrogate pregnancy. Other surrogates have died around the world, including an Indian woman acting as a surrogate for a U.S. couple."
 “American women are being paid to put themselves at significant physical risk every day in this country to produce babies for others,” said Jennifer Lahl, R.N., M.A., President of the CBCN, which believes surrogacy should be outlawed in the U.S."
 “Surrogacy, particularly of the commercial variety, exploits (mostly) poor and destitute women–sometimes at a terrible toll to physical and/or emotional health, and occasionally, as here, at the cost of their lives,” he said."

Notice the rank hypocrisy here! Women face "significant physical risk" and have a "terrible toll" on their health from these PAID pregnancies they choose to undergo (now, there are substantive feminist critiques of surrogacy, especially in developing countries, but we'll set that aside for now), but somehow these are not important considerations when deciding whether or not to force women to continue unplanned pregnancies?

Now, the quotes listed are not from Lienews, but Lienews reported them in their anti-surrogacy fervor. Does Lienews report on every maternal death in the US? Definitely not.