Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Carol Everett thinks Polyamory is Rapey!

From the wonderful Right-Wing Watch:

"Planned Parenthood now allegedly also promotes thing like polyamory and open relationships, which is destroying not only people's hearts and minds but entire communities.
"It's sick," Everett agreed. "It breaks down all those natural barriers that we're supposed to have. Think about this: one woman sleeping with a man and she knows this woman living here sleeps with him too, how does she feel about that woman? That is not a relationship that fosters anything kind. And how does she feel about him? That, in my mind, is almost like rape when you're just having sex with two or three different women. It's just, what are you doing? It is a sick thing and the only thing that can help us recover is Jesus."

I....don't even know what to say to that....


  1. First off, what adults do privately, that harms no one else mentally or physically is no one elses business.
    Secondly , no so called christian can actually condemn 'rape' considering it is only a crime if the woman is betrothed, or married (according to christian texts)

    And Thirdly, also the most important factor, it is IMPOSSIBLE to rape someone who is willingly participating...:-/

  2. Also without going into definitions and technicallies(which are vague, and subjective)

    Isn't rape FORCED sexual relations, with the goal over powering/oppresing, and demeaning/demoralizing the victim?
    Pleasure derived from precieved strength of the attacker...:-/

  3. Ha-ha, wonder what happens when Jesus tells her, he never prohibited polygyny.