Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ohio TRAP Law

As Lienews reports, "An Ohio judge has stopped the state health department and pro-life Governor John Kasich from closing two Cincinnati-area abortion clinics that have been breaking state law"

Oh, wow, breaking the law. That sounds serious.

"The abortion facilities had requested that they be exempt from a state law that mandates abortion facilities to maintain hospital transfer agreements."
So, let me give you some background. "Transfer agreements" are fundamentally bullshit. Hospitals HAVE to accept emergency patients no matter where they're coming from. But what they did in Ohio was to mandate that abortion clinics must have transfer agreements, THEN THEY BANNED PUBLIC HOSPITALS FROM MAKING TRANSFER AGREEMENTS WITH ABORTION CLINICS!!!!

So the only thing left was private hospitals, many of which are Catholic and won't sign anything with an abortion clinic. When one of the abortion clinics found a hospital 52 miles away in Michigan, the health department ruled it was not a "local" hospital.

So Ohio made a law just to close abortion clinics and the law isn't even medically sound. That's the very definition of a TRAP (targeted regulation of abortion providers) law.

The Women’s Med Center in Dayton and Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati have been unable to qualify for hospital transfer agreements and sought the exemption by submitting an agreement with other physicians to provide emergency care for their botched abortion patients. However, the clinics were unable to secure the required four physicians with hospital privileges who were willing to treat women hospitalized with abortion-related complications."

"Unable to qualify" this is an outright lie. The hospitals are either banned or refuse to grant the agreement, there are no qualifications!

Also, why do you need 4 doctors who say they'll treat abortion complications? ALL doctors are required to treat people who come in the ER!

Anti-choicers who promote these TRAP laws are liars.