Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sex Ed is Abuse?

Lienews posted this speech from a fundamentalist father in Canada. It is AMAZING.

"I’m speaking about the current worldwide attempt to impose on all children a sex education that is more properly called sexual abuse than education....How is it abusive?"
Please do tell...

Firstly, it is originally based on the research of Alfred Kinsey who is known to have overseen research associates who sexually molested children for his experiments."
Ok...I'm pretty sure that the entire concept of sex education is NOT based on Alfred Kinsey. Also, I'm not sure what the truth is on Kinsey either accepting data from child molesters or encouraging them, but that wouldn't invalidate the idea of sex education either.

Secondly what is taught is demonstrably harmful to children. Take for instance the normalization of homosexuality, which is a sine qua non of modern sex education.
Every thinking person knows that homosexual sexual activity is harmful"
Um, NO. No, we don't know that.

So he then details a study, supposedly in the Archives of General Psychiatry that finds higher rates of mental illnesses in gay men and lesbians.

"As summarized by the researchers, “[t]he findings support the assumption that people with same-sex behavior are at greater risk for psychiatric disorders.”
Is it thus more merciful to abandon children to these dangers or to guide them to lifestyle choices which ensure healthy lives?"

So he believes homosexuality is a CHOICE. That's pretty usual for these folks.

"Of course critics would suggest that the mental health problems identified result from societal disapproval or stigmatization of homosexual behavior. However the study was done in the Netherlands, the most tolerant and homosexual-affirming nation in the world."
OH, because there is no homophobia in the Netherlands at all! Because things like gay marriage being accepted in the last 20 years just erases all the attitudes of older people and negates how gay people were raised...

"In my country of Canada same sex ‘marriage’ was legalized in 2005.  Speaking years after the passage of same-sex ‘marriage’ into law, Canadian gay rights activist Gens Hellquist explained why he was seeking more government healthcare dollars for the LGBT community. "We have one of the poorest health statuses in this country,” he said. “Health issues affecting queer Canadians include lower life expectancy than the average Canadian, suicide, higher rates of substance abuse, depression, inadequate access to care and HIV/AIDS."

OMG, 2005??? And all of the gay people in Canada don't have sunshine and rainbows shining out their asses all the time yet?

"Thus we can see that even insofar as it normalizes homosexual sex, let alone all other sexual aberrations, modern sex education is truly harmful for our children and as fathers we are called to protect and defend our children."

So sex ed is abusive because it says that being gay is ok! And I'm interested in these other "sexual aberrations"...

My wife and I have made the difficult decision to home school our eight children for the very reason that we refuse to subject them to this sexually abusive sex education in Catholic schools."
Why have our shepherds done this? Mostly due to the threat of withdrawal of public funding for Catholic schools, but also out of regard for the societal acceptance and the prestige that entails."

Oh, so you take PUBLIC money, but don't want to teach medically accurate sex ed? I see the problem here.


  1. I know. It seems to me that that is what the anti-sex ed and pro-life movement is all about. Judgment and shaming. A lot of these orgs are on the dole too. They run abstinence only sex ed programs that have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of tax money increasing the unintended pregnancy and STD rate through discouraging birth control and condoms.

    Money is often the root of all evil. And there is money is shaming people for their reproductive choices.

  2. The outright lying too. Pretending studies say things that they don't like the claim that homosexuals have more psychological problems.