Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Professional" Clothing

Anyone who knows me knows I love fashion and fun clothing. I take pride in my appearance. But my body type and style often cause issues with finding socially "appropriate" clothing.

Because I can't find commercially produced pants that fit me, I don't have a "casual" or "moderate" setting. I don't have anything in between ultra-casual yoga pants and dresses. I often appear "overdressed" to people who accept that as a concept. While I don't care mist of the time, there are events where I'd at least like the option to blend in.

Recently, I allowed myself to be talked into attending an event for people in my professional industry. The event has features such as presentations, but also has cocktails. So what does one wear??? I had some ideas about what appropriate dress would be.

-Dress Pants
-Collared Shirts
-Pencil skirts/Dress skirts
-Neutral, modest dresses
-Dress pumps or flats

NONE OF WHICH I OWN, and all of which is uncomfortable and difficult to fit.

And why are these the arbitrary rules? Why are cleavage and shoulders considered unprofessional? Why are bright colors and fun prints frowned upon? Why are hard heels considered more professional than fancy flip-flops?

It doesn't make sense.

As it is, I think I'll be wearing a knee-length brown polka dot dress with cap sleeves. It perhaps shows more cleavage than it should, and my bare legs and platform flip-flops are supposed to be verboten, but it's what I can do.